We are happy to share the article about TRI-HP project titled "Triple the output, triple the green: novel systems cater to the energy needs of multi-family homes."

The project TRI-HP ended in February 2023 and the European Commission published an article about the outstanding its outstanding results. TRI-HP focused on developing systems based on electrically-driven natural refrigerant heat pumps coupled with photovoltaic to provide heating, cooling, and electricity to multi-family buildings with an on-site renewable share of 80% reducing the installation cost by 10-15%.

The goal was to develop eco-friendly, affordable energy systems for apartment buildings by combining heat pumps, solar power and energy storage, using 80 % of the 100 % self-produced renewable energy onsite.

This project introduces all-in-one carbon-neutral systems that provide power, heating and cooling to residential buildings, all while harnessing renewable energy sources and natural refrigerants.

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