Thermal camera has increasingly become an important measurement tool to ensure the normal operation of thermal systems. It can be used for testing and inspecting thermal station heat exchange equipment, user-side heating equipment, pipeline leak, house air tightness, power supply equipment safety, etc. With the advantages including non-contact temperature measurement, thermal camera can scan a large area of heating equipment and locate the fault location accurately and quickly. Thus, the efficiency of inspection and maintenance is greatly improved, and the energy loss is significantly reduced. Thanks to the thermal camera, large-scale safety accidents can be avoided, which means heating in winter can be ensured.

Heating equipment inspection                           

Floor heating pipe blockage/leak detection

House air tightness testing                                     

Heating pipeline valve inspection

Technical Advantages of Thermal Camera:





Quickly locate fault points: Thermal camera can visually display the surface temperature distribution of the measured target, quickly and accurately locate fault points, and help engineers quickly find problems and solutions;

Non-contact temperature measurement: Thermal camera detection has the characteristics of long distance, no contact, and no change of target structure. It does not affect the surface temperature of the measured object, does not affect the normal operation of the equipment, and does not require shutdown inspection;

Fast response: Different from traditional contact temperature sensors, thermal camera has fast temperature response and can monitor the temperature change of the target in real time. There is no heat conduction time, and the temperature response time reaches the ms level;

Reduce the probability of accidents: Through real-time temperature monitoring of the target, early warning is issued in the early stage of abnormal temperature, which can effectively prevent the deterioration of faults and reduce unnecessary losses.

烟台艾睿光电科技有限公司作为一家非制冷Vox红外传感器的领先制造商,可以为暖通行业不同的应用场景提供丰富的产品和解决方案。InfiRay, as a leading manufacturer of uncooled VOx infrared detectors, can provide various thermal cameras and solutions for different application scenarios in the HVAC industry.


Handheld Thermal Camera Solutions for Inspection

M Series Handheld Thermal Camera

  • 256 × 192, 384 × 288, 640 × 512 resolutions can be selected, and can distinguish 0.05℃ temperature difference;
  • Equipped with a high-definition capacitive touch screen, suitable for inspection of heating pipes and large heating equipment, making observation and analysis more convenient;
  • Support manual focusing to help distinguish small objects such as valves in thermal stations;
  • With 5 million visible light cameras, it provides more comprehensive and rich temperature information for heating detection.

P200 Handheld Thermal Camera

  • 0°-90° unique rotating lens allows you to have a panoramic view of the targets that are not easy to inspect, such as the inside of the pipeline;
  • Pocket-sized, lightweight and portable, ready for use in heating scenarios;
  • 3.5” touch screen, 16G built-in memory, smooth operation.

C200/200Pro Handheld Thermal Camera

  • Various pseudo-colors, easy to identify the heating position, improve the detection efficiency;
  • USB plug-and-play analysis, real-time transmission analysis of full-frame temperature information;
  • Support the whole frame high and low temperature alarm, clearly display the abnormal temperature area of heating equipment.

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