YANTAI, China, June. 28, 2022 -- IRay Technology Co., Ltd. ( referred to as “InfiRay®” below), a leading brand in the thermographic industry, has shown itself with a high profile at MCE MOSTRA CONVEGNO EXPOCOMFORT 2022 in Milan. InfiRay®presented its innovated technologies, highlighted thermographic products in booth F53 at Fieramilano, Rho (MI).

MCE is the unique marketplace and the global event where companies in the HVAC+R, renewable sources and energy efficient sectors gather and showcase the latest technologies, solutions and systems for smart buildings in commercial, industrial and domestic residential sectors.

In MCE, InfiRay® exhibited the thermographic products suitable for the HVAC industry, including handheld and online monitoring infrared cameras for air tightness detection of buildings, HVAC operation monitoring, electrical device security monitoring, HVAC leakage inspection, pipe network/pipe leakage inspection, inspection for user-end heating equipment, inspection for heat-exchange equipment in heating stations and defect detection of valves in heating stations.

Application Advantages of InfiRay Infrared Camera

Infrared camera can be applied in heating equipment troubleshooting, equipment aging detection, and abnormal pipe temperature detection in heating stations. By thermographic technology, it screens abnormal conditions in a timely manner, preventing accidents from the source. Infrared camera highlights key problem areas, and the workers can repair the detected faulty areas only instead of unnecessary replacement of the entire system.

C200proC200pro Handheld Infrared Camera adopts InfiRay® self-developed high-performance 12μm infrared detector to provide thermographic pictures and videos with rich details and accurate temperature data. 15-hour long battery life and the pro-level USB plug-and-analysis functions help improve work efficiency.

P200P200 Compact Infrared Camera is small in size. With the 90° rotary lens, it can be used for fault detection in different narrow spaces without the need for moving other devices. You can easily capture clear thermographic pictures and videos.

Compared with common thermometers, P200 Compact Infrared Camera can not only capture accurate temperature data quickly, but also realize smart alarm, which can automatically screen the temperature on the display and prompt notification and collect data automatically when detecting abnormal temperature.

M600M600 Professional Handheld Infrared Camera has built-in self-developed 12μm infrared detector, 640 × 512 thermographic resolution, and 5-megapixel visible light lens, which makes it very competitive in the industry.

In terms of hardware, M600 Handheld Infrared Camera has a 3.5-inch high-definition touchable screen, which is convenient for engineers to operate directly on the screen. It supports manual focusing and can obtain very clear real-time images on the screen for objects outside different measurement distances.

T600T600 Handheld Infrared Camera has multiple professional lenses to satisfy the requirements of the power industry. Manual and automatic focusing modes, and continuous automatic zooming functions are all supported for thermographic in complex power industry sites.

Equipped with a 5-inch HD touch screen, it is clearer for observing and more accurate for operating on the screen, facilitating the use of the measurement tool for points/lines/areas.
Manual and automatic focusing modes, and continuous automatic zooming functions are all supported. Multiple thermographic modes make infrared camera clearer and the equipment defects nowhere to hide.

AT61FAT61F Online Infrared Camera can provide high-quality thermographic pictures and videos for various application scenarios. -20°C~+550°C wide temperature measurement range makes it possible to monitor more industrial targets with high temperature requirements.

The frame rate is up to 50Hz. It supports Gigabit/100M/self-adaptive Ethernet network interface. The field status temperature data can be transmitted in the real-time. Equipped with multiple network protocols, such as TCP, UDP, etc

About InfiRay

InfiRay® concentrates on developing thermographic technologies and products with completely independent intellectual properties. InfiRay® is committed to providing global customers with world-leading professional thermographic products and solutions. The main products include thermal-CMOS, thermographic modules, and handheld infrared cameras for industrial thermographic and night vision thermal imagers.

For more details about InfiRay® visit - www.infiray.com.


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