REHVA is pleased to invite its Members and Supporters to the 2018REHVA Annual Meeting hosted by ATIC, the Royal Association of Heating, Ventilation and Climate Control Technology, on Saturday 21 April - Monday 23 April 2018 in Brussels.
This years’ Annual Meeting is linked with the 80th Anniversary of ATIC celebrated with a special Anniversary Gala Dinner in the Magritte Museum, and a 1-day conference “Low Carbon Technologies in HVAC” organized by ATIC in the Train Word Museum in Schaerbeek.  The Annual Meeting, held in the REHVA headquarter, will continue with the previous year’s schedule having a REHVA Member Associations plenary meeting and an Advisory meeting between Past Presidents and the current REHVA Board to discuss strategic issues in an interactive and less formal way, followed by a shorter General Assembly the next day.


REHVA strategic meetings and General Assembly (21-22 April, REHVA Headquarters, MAI)

The Annual Meeting commence on Saturday 21st April with the usual REHVA committee meetings. A novum this year is that the TRC meeting will be split in two parts. At this 1st meeting on Saturday, participants will discuss about the annual action plan, membership issues and general strategy, while the Agenda of the 2nd part on Monday will be dedicated specifically to supporters. The committee meetings will be followed by the REHVA Members Plenary meeting and the Advisory meeting between REHVA Board and past REHVA Presidents. The first day will be closed by the traditional Welcome Cocktail organised by our host, Atic, in the exclusive venue of the Magritte Museum in the centre of Brussels.
The Sunday morning will be dedicated to the Board meeting, the MoU meeting with ASHRAE, and the traditional meeting of our sister organisation SCANVAC.  The 62nd REHVA General Assembly will be held in the early afternoon, followed by the “HVAC Global Alliance” meeting organised with ASHRAE. This meeting will continue also the next day, Monday morning the 23rd April. We inform you that this meeting is for the first time brought to Europe on the initiative of REHVA. All REHVA members and supporters are invited to attend this meeting to discuss about the global issues and representation of our sector.
On Sunday evening our host, Atic, organise a festive banquet celebrating their 80th Anniversary and the traditional REHVA Awards Ceremony at the same time. The dinner will be organised in the Train World Museum in Schaerbeek, also the venue of the conference the next day. Atic will arrange shuttle to reach this unique venue in the outskirts of Brussels.

REHVA Supporters Day with Committee meeting, conference, and Student Competition (23rd April, Train World Museum)

The 3rd Day will be dedicated to REHVA supporters and features the Supporters Committee, separate TRC meeting discussing technical topics specifically dedicated to supporters, and the Conference “Low Carbon Technologies in HVAC” with the REHVA Student Competition. The goal of this conference is to give the opportunity to researchers and the academic community to exchange their ideas and findings and to bridge the gap with industry. The conference will focus on design and commissioning of HVAC-systems, sustainable heating/cooling technologies and energy storage, user demand and the changing boundaries in which the systems operate, which changes the way of performance optimization and evaluation both in the design and in the operational phase, including the new criteria like ‘smart grid readiness’ or new parameters to measure individual user comfort.

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