Since the approval of the climate agreement in Paris, the demand for sustainable and energy-saving solutions has increased rapidly. The energy transition is also in full swing in all European countries. The new Therma V Monobloc fits into the sustainable picture that our governments have in mind. The compact and integrated air to water heat pump is energy-efficient and user-friendly and is therefore ideal for companies and individuals who want to switch to a gasless replacement of the boiler.

One of the reasons why this climate solution fits into the sustainable picture is the fact that the Therma V Monobloc, in contrast to older climate solutions, uses the environmentally friendly and future-oriented refrigerant R32. This refrigerant is considerably less damaging to the environment than predecessor R410a.
In addition, the compact LG Monobloc - which can be used for various solutions, from hot water to floor or radiator heating - has a high and reliable output: the heat pump reaches a water temperature of no less than 65 degrees Celsius without an electrical back-up. This leads to considerable energy savings.

Small surfaces
The Therma V Monobloc is not only friendly to the climate, but also to users and installers. For example, the included remote control offers various smart control functions: the energy consumption can be monitored or adjusted at the touch of a button. With LG SmartThinQ, a smartphone app, a room can even be preheated from a distance. Ideal on a cold winter evening.
Installers can connect the Monobloc to the existing system, so that the radiator is still used. The difference is that they are now heated by the Monobloc. With only water connections to the outdoor unit and very limited wiring, the LG Monobloc can be installed effortlessly. The small outdoor units can be mounted almost everywhere, making it a very suitable solution for both new construction and renovation projects.

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