The 4th MOBISTYLE meeting was hosted by the project partner Holonix and took place in Milan, Italy during 23-24 April 2018. The main goal of the meeting was to revise the overall project's progress until the first reporting period (March 2018). Based on this revision, a detailed plan of the MOBISTYLE related activities still to be executed was done in order to come until summer 2018 to the deployment of the first ICT solutions.

The consortium partners agreed on final steps covering the three areas:

  • Revision of the MOBISTYLE Behavioural change action plan for each demonstration case
  • Integration of the developed methodology in the MOBISTYLE ICT solutions (this lead to a development of two applications: the MOBISTYLE dashboard and the MOBISTYLE game);
  • Demonstration case assessment and preparation for deployment.

During the meeting, there was also a 2 hours joint workshop to exchange lessons learnt between MOBISTYLE and its sister project H2020 enCOMPASS project (funded in the same call 2016) where enCOMPASS coordinator Professor Piero Fraternali (POLIMI) joined the MOBISTYLE meeting. Both project representatives agreed that this workshop was useful to not just exchange lessons learnt so far but also to brainstorm on current and future challenges in the area of ICT solution development encouraging behaviour change. This also led to a decision that MOBISTYLE will host a workshop as a pre-conference event during the BEHAVE Conference on 5 September 2018, 9.00-12.00, together with the MOBISTYLE H2020 sister projects financed between 2014 and 2016; MOBISTYLE, ENTROPY, ChArGED, PEAKapp, GAIA, GREENSOUL and GREENPLAY. It is possible to register for the conference and the MOBISTYLE workshop clicking HERE.

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