At the end of 2015, the official website of the ABOK Chamber of Engineers had been created ( with the aim to establish a national register of ABOK Engineers in order to organize all available information about engineering community. 

The new website has already registered more than 4.200 specialists and through that, the ABOK Chamber of Engineers is planning to launch an extensive training program, involving the most authoritative industrial experts.

The ABOK Chamber of Engineers or "Chamber of engineers in automation, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, heating, electricity, water supply and sanitation, gas supply of buildings and building thermal physics" was established by the Ministry of Justice in September 2014.

The main objectives of the ABOK Chamber of Engineers are:

  • To informing Russian specialists about the need to create a new system of certifying engineers that is compatible with similar foreign systems;
  • To provide qualification certificates for engineers;
  • To publish studies and synthetized information about the construction sector market, as well as about the state of the art project and construction works and services within the Russian Federation and beyond.

On behalf of all the REHVA Members, we would like to congratulate Prof. Tabunschikov, President of ABOK for the ABOK Chamber of Engineers and the new website.

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