The European Committee of the Regions supports the European Commission's proposed air quality limit values to be achieved by 2030 and calls for full alignment with WHO guidelines by 2035 to protect citizens' health and contribute to the zero pollution objective by 2050.

They emphasize the need for regular reviews of air quality standards based on scientific evidence. Implementation and enforcement are crucial, and the polluter pays principle should be upheld.

The Committee highlights the lack of targeted EU funding for air quality and calls for:

  1. Better-targeted EU funding opportunities and simplified access to existing funds.
  2. The adaptation of climate transition funding for air quality improvements.
  3. Technical assistance and guidance for local and regional authorities.
  4. Shifting heavy goods traffic from road to rail.

They urge Member States to involve local and regional authorities in air quality plan consultations. Additionally, they acknowledge that some areas may struggle to meet limit values due to specific conditions and call for support to help these zones achieve air quality objectives.

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