Pedro Vicente vice president of REHVA attended the Hungarian HVAC conference for design engineers organized by MMK. 

The Conference was a complete success, as more than 500 people from the HVAC sector attended. At the conference HVAC companies  - many of them REHVA supporters as well - held exhibition about their products and activities. In two locations professional HVAC presentation were given by invited HVAC engineer professionals.

Pedro Vicente spoke a few brief words about the need for all European associations to be in REHVA as a family.

Together we can defend at EU level the quality of the thermal installations of buildings with criteria of quality of the indoor environment and energy efficiency. Together to collaborate in the generation of technical documentation and to be heard in Brussels and together to share experiences in the future challenges that are common to us: decarbonization, the quality of the indoor environment, the rehabilitation of facilities and buildings from scratch

Next, Edit gave a presentation in Hungarian detailing REHVA's activities in order to bring closer to the audience what the membership of REHVA has to offer to its members...what it means to be member of the REHVA family.


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