Per Rasmussen, REHVA Past President, just finished his second book:  ”afloebddronningen”, which will be published November 1st, 2023.

40% of the book is a story about Inge Faldager, engineer at Technical Institute in Copenhagen. The book explores her life, her career and how she has influenced the rules for water and sewage systems in Denmark for many decades. 40% of the book is how to handle the more intensive rain because of climate changes. A lot of examples and solutions are shown in the book. The book has also a part of the old sewage systems in Rome 2.000 years ago. The last page in the book is an adventure of Inge in the pipes below ground level, all written by artificial intelligence.

The book can be order at pra(at)

Per already wrote a first book on Povl Ole Fanger, expert on indoor environments.

Per Rasmussen was President of REHVA, and was a chairman of Danvak and chairman of the Scanvac.

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