As part of the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan the Commission has released its proposal for a revision of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) on 30 March 2022. Stakeholders have time until 01 July 2022 to provide their feedback on the proposal.

The CPR revision was released together with a proposal for a regulation on Ecodesign requirements for sustainable products (ESPR) and a strategy for sustainable and circular textiles. The revision aims to set harmonised rules for construction products on the EU market so that they can circulate freely, addressing key aspects such as:

  • Improve the circularity of construction products and facilitate their re-use, recycling and repair;
  • Include 3D printing services of construction products into its scope;
  • Strengthen application of digital tools and data requirements on construction products and link it to the Digital Product Passport introduced in the ESPR;
  • Improve data collection & assessment on life-cycle performance;
  • Further harmonise the standardisation of construction products and improve the assessment process.

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Provide feedback on the CPR revision by 01 July 2022

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