The recommendations of NP “ABOK” 7.8-2019 “Designing of engineering systems of medical institutions” apply to the design of engineering systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply systems) located in newly constructed, reconstructed buildings of medical institutions, and contain requirements for the organization of air exchange in the premises of medical facilities, to methods of control and operation of engineering systems.


The recommendations of NP “ABOK” 7.8-2019 “Designing engineering systems of medical institutions” develop the provisions of SanPiN “Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for organizations engaged in medical activities” and SP 158.13330.2014 “Buildings and premises of medical organizations. Design Rules” regarding the creation of optimal microclimate parameters and clean air in indoor facilities and are aimed at eliminating the contradictions and incompleteness of the requirements of the current regulatory documents for the provision of a microclimate in indoor facilities.


In recommendations of R NP “ABOK” 7.8-2019 “Designing of engineering systems of medical and preventive institutions”, the features of designing engineering systems in the buildings of medical and preventive institutions are considered. The medical and technological organization of medical processes, together with the compactness of planning decisions, entails a close relative position in the volume of one building of premises of various cleanliness classes and normalized levels of bacterial airborne contamination, which determines the design tasks of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply systems considered in the recommendations.

The recommendations are supplemented by the Appendix “Practical recommendations. Innovative technologies and equipment of engineering systems of medical institutions”, containing material from companies with proven positive experience in applying technical solutions

Recommendations R NP “ABOK” 7.8-2019 “Designing of engineering systems of medical institutions” are intended for use in the design, construction and operation of medical facilities.



ABOK is working now on Recommendations R NP “ABOK” “Designing of engineering systems of infectious hospitals”, which is scheduled to be published in October 2020.

All Russian Norms and Standards in the HVAC field (in Russian) are listed here: https://www.abok.ru/norm_doc/#5


More information: Marianna Brodach brodatch(at)abok.ru

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