Renovate Europe organised the 3rd edition of the Renovate Europe Day the 5th of November with the title “Securing our energy future through ambitious renovation of buildings” in Brussels with high-level EU policy speakers and presenting local examples of refurbishment programmes.

Dominique Ristori confirmed in his speech about the place of energy efficiency in the EU 2030 energy framework that housing will be a priority sector within the upcoming EU2030 legislative framework. Ristori was asked for comments on the disappointing energy efficiency target approved by the European Council on 23 October. He pointed out that after having extremely hard negotiations with member state governments this was the only achievable compromise and confirmed that the Commission would still keep the 30% target in mind. The EC will also focus its work also on regions and cities, which are in many cases much more ambitious than their national level governments.

MEP Jan Olbrycht praised the improved governance structure of the Juncker’s Commission in which all the related DGs have to cooperate and coordinate their work. Especially important is the cooperation between DG ENER and DG REGIO that can influence that European Structural and Investment Funds are spent on deep building renovations.

Oliver Rapf, Executive Director presented the outcomes of the latest from BPIE report on Renovation strategies of selected EU countries. The astonishing results show that none of the analysed Roadmaps are complying with the Energy Efficiency Directive and that the roadmaps submitted by countries reported to be advanced like Denmark or Germany got law scoring, so the study suggests that the EC shall refuse their strategic documents. Renovation Roadmaps are to be  reviewed each year by Member States.

The presentations will be available in the Renovate Europe website.

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