The 58th REHVA General Assembly was held on Tuesday 29 April 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany. It gathered nearly 110 participants from 25 European countries. After a welcoming address by the host, VDI Director, Ralph Appel from Germany, Prof Karel Kabele opened the General Assembly.

In the later afternoon, Prof. Karel Kabele presented the 2013 annual report. At the end of the Assembly was the election of two REHVA board Members. Two seats were available this year. The treasurer, Zoltan Magyar came at the end of his terms. Prof. Kabele and the Assembly warmly thanked Prof. Magyar for his contribution to REHVA’s development during the past nine years. Prof. Stefano Corgnati was unanimously reelected. Egils Dzelzitis from Latvia was also unanimously elected. The meeting ended with the introduction of the newest REHVA Member, the Moldavian Association of Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning engineers, AIIRM.

The new REHVA Board now consists of President: Karel Kabele (STP, Czech Republic) and Vice-Presidents: Stefano P. Corgnati (AiCARR, Italy) [new Treasurer, as decided in the board on 30th of April], Ioan Silviu Dobosi (AIIR, Romania), Manuel Gameiro da Silva (Ordem dos Engenheiros, Portugal), Frank Hovorka (AICVF, France), Jarek Kurnitski (EKVU, Estonia), Egils Dzelzitis (AHGWTEL/LATVAC, Latvia) and Jan Aufderheijde as Secretary General.

There was not only a change within the board, also Maija Virta, for many, many years chair of REHVA’s Publishing & Marketing Standing Committee stepped aside and became very warm words of our President. As new chair Frank Hovorka was chosen in the PMC meeting.


Last but definitely not least, Karel Kabele thanked Olli Seppänen for all the work he did as Editor in Chief of REHVA journal. Prof. Kabele underlines his feelings by handing over a small sculpture with title ‘Passion’, what expresses very well the way Olli did his work for REHVA in general and for REHVA journal in particular.


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