This year marked the 50th Anniversary of REHVA. To celebrate this important event, a festive Gala Dinner was organized on Saturday June 15th in a prestigious venue of high quality cuisine and service, the Art Nouveau Francouzska restaurant located in Prague Municipal house. The 200 guests enjoyed a pleasant evening enriched by live piano or jazz music. Large poster boards with pictures of all the most important events of the last 50 years were displayed in the restaurant.  During this evening the REHVA former President, Michael Schmidt gave a short overview of these 50 years. REHVA received  president Karel Kabele received nice plaques from Bill Bahnfleth (ASHRAE) and Pawel Wargocki (ISIAQ), a wise owl was given by Marianne Brodach and Yuri Tabunschikov from ABOK to commemorate this golden anniversary.


Karel Kabele and Bill Bahnfleth

Karel Kabele and Pawel Wargocki

Karel Kabele and Yuri Tabunschikov


On this occasion, the following members of REHVA national associations received a REHVA Award: Mrs Lisje Schellen (TVVL – The Netherlands) and Mr Miroslav Urban (STP – Czech republic) received a REHVA Young Scientist Award; Mrs Otilia Lulkovicova (SSTP – Slovakia) was recognized for her outstanding achievements in design and for her contribution to improve energy efficiency and the indoor environment of buildings; Mr Miroslav Kotrbaty (STP – Czech Republic) was recognized for his outstanding achievements in technology and for his contribution to improve energy efficiency and the indoor environment of buildings; Mr Teet Kõiv (EKVÜ – Estonia) and former REHVA President Prof. Michel Schmidt (VDI – Germany) were recognized for their outstanding achievements in science and for their contributions to improve energy efficiency and the indoor environment of buildings.


Karel Kabele, Lisje Schellen and
Michel Schmidt

Karel Kabele, Miroslav Urban and
Michel Schmidt

Karel Kabele, Otilia Lulkovicova
and Michel Schmidt

Karel Kabele, Miroslav Kotrbaty’s
grandson Ondřej Hojer and Michel

Karel Kabele, Teet Kõiv and
Michel Schmidt 

Karel Kabele and Michel


During the evening, the Organisation of National Societies of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning in the Northern countries (SCANVAC) honored two of the most prominent characters in the Scandinavian HVAC industry, Mr Jorma Railio and Mr. Risto Kosonen with an award.


Per Rasmussen, Jorma Railio
and Olli Seppänen

Olli Seppänen and Risto


This completed a memorable anniversary party together with good music, good food and amongst good friends. With a little candle as a gift, REHVA underlined its appreciation for the efforts of so many volunteers. REHVA hop!


REHVA 50th anniverary candles

REHVA hop!



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