"HVAC Technology in Energy Retrofitting"


The 2012 REHVA Annual Conference and meeting was organized in Timisoara, Romania on 17-20 April 2012 in cooperation with the Romanian Installation Engineers Association (AIIR) and the Romanian General Association for Refrigeration (AGFR) in Timisoara.

The main topic of the Conference was HVAC Technology in Energy Retrofitting. Improving the energy efficiency throughout the whole European building stock is a huge challenge. Starting from the fact that all existing buildings are, at least to some extent, unique, there are also similarities and possibilities to develop common methodologies and techniques. In addition to scientific and technical approaches, financial issues, health and indoor environment have to be kept in the agenda of REHVA Task Forces and other activities dealing with energy retrofitting.

The seminar presentations will be downloadable at REHVA website very soon. Some of the presentation topics, like nearly zero energy buildings and several issues dealing with European legislation and national implementation, have been introduced in REHVA Journal. The December issue will focus on the main theme, Energy Efficient Renovation.

In addition to the presentations, 8 workshops were held, some dealing with on-going REHVA Task Forces or projects with REHVA involvement - like HVAC Refurbishments and Inspections of air conditioning systems, and the iSERV project - and a few organized by REHVA supporters, all dealing with better energy efficiency using advanced technologies and products.


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