ASHRAE and REHVA are near to issuing a joint publication on chilled beams. The joint publication will revise the REHVA Guide Book “Chilled Beam Application Guide” published in 2004. 

Active and passive beam systems are known to be an energy efficient solution for spaces that require individual zone control and where the internal moisture loads are moderate. Active and passive beam systems provide good thermal comfort, energy and space saving advantages. The operation of the system is simple, with low maintenance requirements. Although they are often referred to as “chilled” beams, in many cases active beams can be used for both heating and cooling of the space.

The authoring team, consisting of practitioners and suppliers from North America and Europe, has aimed the new work at consulting engineers, architects, owners and contractors. The book provides tools and guidance to design, commission and operate active and passive beam systems to achieve a determined indoor climate. Important additions are examples of active and passive beam calculations and selections from both Europe and the US.

The organizations anticipate a late fall release for the revision.  Both ASHRAE and REHVA will make the book available through their distribution channels.

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