REHVA is proud to have co-signed the following Manifesto. 

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We are proud to have co-signed the joint industry manifesto advocating for good indoor air quality (IAQ) as a basic human right. Alongside our co-signatories, we emphasise the vital importance of IAQ for health, the economy, and future generations.

We call on EU policymakers to:

  • Recognise access to good quality air (including indoor air) as a basic human right.
  • Give as high  importance to “indoor air quality” as “ambient air quality” in EU legislation.
  • Screen all EU policies and make ambitious proposals to ensure better IAQ in Europe.

The manifesto is co-signed by AMCA Europe, AREA, EPEE, EVIA, Eurovent, and GCP Europe. We invite other like-minded organisations to join us in pushing for better IAQ policies in Europe.

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