Reference Buildings for Energy Performance and Cost-Optimal Analysis

This community shares information on “reference buildings” in European countries. "Reference buildings" can be used as "the most representative building" for a country or a European region in order to perform energy performance simulations or models.

More specifically, the REHVA Task Force aim to develop, on the bases of the National experiences, a set of European reference buildings/benchmark buildings in order to suggest European wide harmonised building types which could be used for national cost optimal calculations according to EPBD recast. In addition, the benchmark building models can be used for estimation the effect of different design options. Residential buildings will be the first focus, followed by office buildings.


The community on the BUILD UP platform ( – The European Portal for energy efficiency – was created in order to get a wide network on the topic.  The name of the community is “Reference Buildings for Energy Performance and Cost-Optimal analysis”.  We invite you to register on the BUILD UP portal (if not yet registered) and join the community.

Please follow the below steps: - To access the BUILD UP portal, please click on this link : - To register, click on the right-top green button "Register". - Then fill-in the form and click on the "create new account" - You can then login on the right-top green button "Login" - In the same area (right-top of the screen), you find a "Communities" icon which will give you the list of all existing communities. - Select the end of the list.  You will then find the "Reference Buildings...." community. - Just click on the subscribe button. - Done :-)

You can now access the information clicking on tabs to reach News, Events, Publications, Links, …

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