AICVF conference:  Attractiveness of HVAC professions for young people and feminization.

On January 11th, AICVF held its first highlight of the year in Paris. 70 participants attended this event dedicated to the theme "Attractiveness of HVAC professions for young people and feminization of the profession." The event was organized around two panel discussions titled "Making our professions more attractive to new generations" and "Supporting the feminization of our professions".

The first panel discussion was introduced by a presentation describing the training of higher-level technicians (IUT Poitiers). It was completed by the training of engineers (Insa Strasbourg). Finally, the development for employment and skills to support the industry in energy transition was presented (GRDF). All presenters agreed that the HVAC professions remain unknown to young people and that  the theme of energy is little identified by high school students. Several actions have been put in place to compensate for this: organization of career and qualification meetings, awareness of climate change issues, etc.

During the second round table the obstacles regarding the feminization of HVAC professions were discussed (Schneider & Cie company). Then, the group's actions in favor of diversity and the “WE Do for Tech” program were detailed (OFIS, Veolia). Several experiences were shared (TRIBU Energy, Women in Building Club). SMEs and large groups are taking voluntary steps to increase the number of women in their workforce. The Veolia group, for example, initiated the “Wedo for tech” program which consists of organizing meetings between young girls and employees during an observation day.

The president of AICVF, Frank Hovorka, concluded this event by expressing his pride in seeing the theme of feminization addressed without taboo. “It is necessary to continue this approach to diversity, which seems fundamental," he added.

Then, Frank Hovorka presented his wishes.  2024 is expected to be complex as HVAC professions are likely to face a crisis of reduced activity. However, he wanted to be reassuring: "We will face it together. It is precisely the time to invest in training, human resources, and skills to prepare for the medium term. Every crisis has an end, and it is important to project ourselves now towards the end of this difficult period."

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