April 27, 2017, BUILDUP portal

EU funded project QUANTUM is developing and will demonstrate pragmatic services and appropriate tools that are suitable for widespread use of Quality Management Services. REHVA is partner in QUANTUM, leading the tasks of creating knowledge and disseminating the project results. To this extent, on April 27th, QUANTUM, REHVA and BUILDUP successfully held a webinar on solutions and strategies for quality management in new buildings, with a specific focus on the Building Commissioning Process. Ole Teisen, from Sweco, enlightened the audience with key facts and figures about the role of commissioning in quality management. Dan Rossiter, from BRE, highlighted the strategic importance of Building Information Modeling in Commissioning. Stefan Plesser, QUANTUM project coordinator (from IGS and Synavision), informed the over 70 attendees about the objectives that QUANTUM project is committed to fulfill. Find the link to the recording of the webinar here. 

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