REHVA was very honored that ASHRAE organizing committee, gave the floor to prominent speakers from REHVA to present a ‘European sound’. Taken into consideration that REHVA’s Seminar now was scheduled in the latest timeslot on Wednesday, there was a very good attendance, and an animated discussion as well. The title of REHVA’s contribution this year was: “Energy Performance Run By Data”. Chaired by REHVA’s president, Prof. Karel Kabele, the audience was treated to four contributions, from the chair himself (“Data driven IEQ control in low energy buildings”); Prof. Manuel Carlos Gameiro da Silva (“Affordable IEQ monitoring solutions for small and medium size building”); Prof. Stefano Corgnati (“Occupant behavior monitoring and engagement: Low investment measures to optimize IEQ and save energy in buildings”), and Frank Hovarka (“Environmental performance of a building translated into financial performance”). From different points of view, one of the biggest challenges in a building, namely finding an equilibrium between energy demand and well-being provided to the occupants, was presented. The evolution of information and communication technologies, together with the decrease of the cost of sensors and monitoring systems, opened new perspectives. Nowadays the decision-making process is much better informed and based on performance indicators, which are widely used in energy and environmental rating systems for buildings.

Prof. Manuel Carlos Gameiro da Silva (l), Prof. Stefano Corgnati,
Frank Hovarka (r)

Prof. Karel Kabele

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