REHVA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SAREK (Society of Air-conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea)

The purpose of this act is to strengthen the relationship between Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning Associations (REHVA) and Society of Air-conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea (SAREK) and to promote substantial and tangible actions to increase the co-operation between the two associations.

SAREK, established in 1971, represents with about 7,000 experts in the area of air-conditioning and refrigerating engineering as well as the area of building and plant facilities engineering. 

Main objectives of MoU: REHVA and SAREK enter into this MoU with the following:

1. Promote communication and information exchange between the organizations and their respective members through announcements in journals, websites, and other communication vehicles.

2. Encourage participation at official meetings through formal participation by the other organization as often as is possible. Members of one organization can attend at conferences and general meetings of the other organization on the same basis as members of the other organization.

3. Promote the knowledge of standard development activities in Korea and in Europe.

4. All publications are available to members of the other organization at member rates.

5. Promote the co-operation between SAREK technical committees and REHVA Standing Committees and Task Forces.

6. Sponsor and jointly organize training and educational seminars and other educational activities when appropriate.

7. Strive to develop and harmonize Korean, European and international standards.

8. Cooperation in the development and participation in conferences and exhibitions globally which may be mutually beneficial and which strengthen the bonds of international cooperation between the organizations and their respective members.

9. Promote communication and information exchange regarding building energy certification and engineer certification.

MoU signing ceremony was held at the occasion of the 7th Asian Conference on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ACRA 2014) on 21 May 2014 in the presence of REHVA and SAREK presidents and members of the SAREK Board. During the conference, attended by more than 200 experts from Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan, presented prof. Kabele, REHVA president in a special section lecture on the topic Energy and Ecology - Indoor Environment and Energy Efficient Buildings, focused on issues related to reduction the energy performance of buildings in terms of the quality of the indoor environment and presented recent REHVA Guidebooks and activities.


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