Under the leadership of Manuel Gameiro da Silva, REHVA Vice-President from Portugal, the REHVA 2018 student competition took place during the REHVA Annual Meeting 2018 between 21-23 of April in Brussels, Belgium. 

This year the twelve representatives from 10 different countries took a part at the competition. Adrian Gebhard from Germany presented his work on Holistic analysis and evaluation of the environment impacts (life cycle assessment) of the thermal plant of a single-family home. Romania has been represented by a team of two students, Alexandra Ene and Claudiu Stanciu presented their work on Innovative acoustic approach for building air permeability estimation using experimental and numerical studies. Also, Italy was presented this year by a team of two students, Matteo Rodighiero and Matteo Naldi, presented their work on Experimental and numerical analysis of indirect evaporative cooling system: material and geometry influence. Representative from France, Claire Benosa presented her work on Re-estimation and validation of large electrical appliances model in Nottingham Multi-Agent stochastic Simulation platform. Representative from Spain, Carlos Mateu Royo, presented his work on Field Measurements and Modelling Analysis of CO2 Refrigeration Systems with Integrated Geothermal Storage; Kristel Tamm from Estonia presented her work on Insolation and overheating control in an apartment building with balconies; Josef Lacha from Czech Republic presented his work on Rotary air-conditioning filter Counter Flow; Kristian Martin from Finland presented his work on Demand Response of heating and ventilation within educational office buildings. Representative from Serbia, Irena Veljanović presented her work on Analysis and synthesis of simulator for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Blanka Hajdu from Hungary presented her work on Design and evaluation of an indoor swimming pool’s ventilation systems. 

The Jury was composed by Manuel Gameiro da Silva (Portugal), Uwe Schulz (Switzerland), Murat Çakan (Turkey), Dusan Petras (Slovakia), Milos Lain (Czech Republic) and Francis Allard. After very intense deliberation, the jury declared winner Kristian Martin from Finland for his work on “Demand Response of Heating and Ventilation within Educational Office Buildings”. 

The second prize was awarded to the Italian team, Matteo Rodighiero and Matteo Naldi. The third prize was awarded to Alexandra Ene and Claudiu Stanciu from Romania. 

Manuel Gameiro da Silva also thanked all contributors for their excellent work and emphasized the high quality of the works presented and the members of the jury for their excellent task.


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