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Belimo is expanding its range of control butterfly valves with highly reliable and innovative valves in sizes DN 100 to DN 150 or 4 to 6 inches. They not only optimise the heating and cooling water circuits but also ensure the smooth operation of HVAC systems. With their linear characteristic curve, these valves can also be used as 3‑way control valves in mixing and distribution applications.

Belimo is introducing these new, energy-efficient, and reliable control butterfly valves for high-flow applications. These valves are known for their easy installation, application flexibility, and durability, making them the ideal solution for heating, chiller, and cooling tower applications. They are particularly well-suited for use in facilities with critical infrastructures such as hospitals, data centres, and pharmaceutical companies. In such facilities, continuous and smooth operation of HVAC systems is crucial. And thanks to the valve’s tight sealing and precise regulation, customers can also realize substantial energy and cost savings.

Intelligent actuator

The intelligent and communicative actuator of the new control butterfly valves, known as the JR actuator, features a unique high-performance chip. This chip enables high regulation accuracy thanks to its powerful computing capabilities. The control characteristic curve can be parametrised at the actuator either as an equal percentage characteristic curve for 2‑way control applications or as a linear characteristic curve for 3‑way control applications for mixing or distributing, as desired.

User-friendly features

Some of the key features of the new product include a user-friendly wiring concept and clearly visible position indicators. Furthermore, the butterfly control valve can be parametrised via a smartphone, even if the actuator is not connected to the power supply.

With this product extension, Belimo offers a wide range of options for various applications, including 2-way control and open/close applications with nominal sizes ranging from DN 25 to DN 700 as well as 3‑way combinations for control and changeover applications with nominal sizes ranging from DN 100 to DN 300.

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