REHVA is happy to welcome Zoonex Systems as a new supporter. 

About Zoonex Systems: 

Even with the highest level of manual cleaning, surfaces are at continual risk of contamination and the transference of microbes to multiply and grow. Mechanical Ventilation Systems can provide ideal conditions for microbial growth bringing unclean air into office spaces causing ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ (SBS), aiding the spread of viruses like the common cold, influenza and Coronavirus family among building users.

The ZoonEx™ System allows an antimicrobial treatment to bond to a clean surface, giving effective protection against bacteria and enveloped viruses (including Coronavirus family) for up to 30 days between treatments. The coating bonds to the surface and forms a microscopic layer of pins that rupture bacteria and enveloped viruses, giving building occupants a protected/treated environment to work in.

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