REHVA welcomes a new member of its Brussels team: Matteo Urbani, Assistant Project Engineer.

After an exchange semester at University of Boras, Sweden, and the research Msc thesis on thermoelectrics power generation devices at DTU, Denmark, Matteo graduated at University of Bologna in 2013.
After the graduation he has co-founded, at the beginning of 2014, a startup project on sustainable camping sites called Eldar Lab, whose aim was to introduce a new concept of zero-impact facilities in outdoor environments. Afterwards, he started his experience in professional engineering working as a design engineer in a building construction company, mostly focused on Expo 2015 Milan infrastructures, and as a project engineer on renewable energy technologies in a consultancy private studio, where pv systems, mini eolic and energy certificates constituted the main part of the activities. Following this pattern he was later involved as a process engineer in a die-casting production site for the automotive sector in order to develop lean production methodologies, while in the past two years he worked as technical office engineer in an outdoor construction company, managing and designing customized clients order requests.

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