Last week, from September 21 to 22, REHVA had the privilege of participating in the second in-person Consortium Meeting of the Engineers4Europe (E4E) project. This meeting marked a significant milestone in our commitment to shaping the future of the engineering profession in Europe.

On the first day of the meeting, we had the opportunity to reflect on the remarkable progress made over the past year since the inception of the E4E project. We are delighted to share that we've successfully achieved several milestones in a timely manner, aligning perfectly with the project's overarching objectives.

One of the key highlights was the establishment of the European Engineering Skills Council, which has been instrumental in identifying and addressing the skills gaps and challenges within the engineering profession across Europe. Mrs. Lada Hensen Centnerova has been representing REHVA at the Skills Council.

Additionally, the first primary and secondary research phase, conducted between mid-May and mid-July 2023, was a pivotal moment. This extensive research delved deep into the status and challenges faced by the engineering profession in Europe. The insights gathered during this phase have provided invaluable data that will shape the future of engineering in our continent.

Moving on to the second day of the meeting, it was a day of intense collaboration and collective decision-making. The consortium partners and the Council Members joined forces, working diligently in three separate Working Groups (WG). Their mission: to evaluate and carefully consider the results of the Research Report, a comprehensive 316-page document.

The Research Report serves as the foundation upon which we will build the future of engineering in Europe. It contains rich insights, observations, and recommendations derived from extensive research efforts. The collective expertise of our diverse teams will now be harnessed to prepare and develop the first draft of the Skills Strategy, a crucial step in our journey.

Stay tuned for further updates as we work together to empower engineers and drive innovation in our industry. Together, we can achieve remarkable things! 

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