Heating & cooling coming from renewable energy sources is steadily increasing according to an article published for the EU Industry Days. In 2020 renewables accounted for 23% of the total energy used for this sector in the EU, which shows a steady increase in comparison to 12% in 2004 and 22% in 2019. Among the mentioned key developments mentioned to accelerate this growth is the electrification process of heating by using heat pumps. 

The article shows that Sweden is the strong frontrunner with 66% of its energy used in heating and cooling coming from renewables. Also the rest of the Nordic-Baltic region are leading on this as Sweden is followed by Estonia (58%), Finland (58%), Latvia (57%), Denmark (51%) and Lithuania (50%). On the opposite side, Belgium (8%), Netherlands (8%) and Ireland (6%) are lagging behind according to the statistics.

Read the summary of the article here.

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