The European Commission has launched a review study of the Regulation on Ecodesign and Labelling requirements for space heaters and combination heaters since 2017. One of the main objectives of this rules is to improve the functioning of the internal market to ensuring availability of only complaint products.

The latest updated drafts of the final task reports are published after the first stakeholder meeting in January 2018. The final draft reports of Task 1, Task 2 and Tasks 3,4,5, 6 and 7 are available here. The Task 1 combines scope, policies and standards where one of the main items relate to Primary Energy Factor (PEF) moving to other task sections which might affect seasonal efficiencies calculated for electricity using and/or producing appliances. At the same time, pollution effects of fossil fuel-fired boilers are addressed in the draft report. The Task 2 consists of the market analysis that covers installed appliances, sales evolutions and analysis of the sector itself.

The second stakeholder meeting will take place on Friday, 26 of April 2019 in Brussels. It is planned that the study should be finalised by the summer 2019.

Read also more about the implementation of market surveillance in Europe and at different national levels here.

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