The 4 projects on the SRI approved last year under call LIFE-2021-CET-SMARTREADY, coordinated within the SRI Cluster, bring you  "Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI): Collaboration for Efficient and Sustainable Buildings". The workshop will take place in-person during Sustainable Places on June 15th 2023, from 11:00h to 12:00h CEST in Madrid. 

It will count with representatives of SRI2Market, SRI-ENACT, Smart^2, and easySRI. After an introduction to the Smart Readiness Indicator, each project will present their unique value proposition. SRI2Market will outline the progress and challenges in adopting national SRI schemes in various Member States, SRI-ENACT will identify the training needs and address challenges in raising awareness for the SRI, Smart^2 will go over the ipdates on the SRI Methodology, Walk Through SRI Audits, and standardization activities and requirements. Ultimately, easySRI will perform a demonstration of SRI Tools and showcasing practical examples using the Commission's Excel tool. 

The workshop will finalise with a panel dicussion regarding the SRI implementation and benefits.

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