“Refreshing our image is a part of SMAY's new development strategy that we also want to unveil today. Our redesigned and very modern logo emphasizes the dynamic progress we have been making, our expansion to international markets and numerous other technological advances and innovation of our business. 

As people who actively create and manage solutions for our clients, we believe that only bold and trustworthy, but also ethical and sustainable businesses can be reliable partners. Current environment clearly shows that businesses must quickly adapt to changes and constantly evolve their activities. We do not shy away from difficult decisions and thinking outside the box. We listen to our clients and strive to solve their problems. We also know that the construction industry and its needs are dynamically changing, which requires proven and state-of-the-art solutions. Our experience in the ventilation and construction industries spanning over 32 years, as well as our superb know-how and technological potential, position us as experts that do not only provide advice and support, but — more importantly — take responsibility for our products and services

Our vision of a business of the future is based on our ventilation expertise, passion for architecture and technology, care for comfort and, above all, safety of building occupants. Our identity is minimalist, yet very expressive. We offer advanced ventilation solutions in the field of technology and set standards for the construction industry. Our mission is to ensure people safety through state-of-the-art ventilation systems — systems that we could once only dream of but are now readily available.”

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