The Dutch Sustainable Housing Platform (Platform Duurzame Huisvesting) originates from 2011, when eleven members (one of the members is REHVA's member TVVL from The Netherlands) of the platform signed the letter of intent. The members support the strategic goals of the platform, which are to stimulate sustainability in the housing chain by cooperation within the housing sector.

The platform members have signed to integrate sustainability within their own organization, and to activate their network by developing tools such as the Menu Performance Contracts and the GreenLease Menu. These tools support and activate sustainability in the housing chain. To achieve this goal, cooperation within the chain is crucial and is therefore one of the aims of the Platform.



The vision of the platform is that improvements the cooperation within the housing chain results in increased sustainable housing.



The goals of the Platform are as follows:


  • The Platform aims to be the catalyst in the process of sustainable housing of existing non-residential buildings, by stimulating cooperation within the housing chain;
  • The Platform wants to achieve measurable and significant results within four years;
  • The members of the Platform chose to integrate sustainability in their own organizational goals;
  • The members of the Platform offer solutions to stimulate sustainability in the housing chain and to make the housing chain more sustainable;
  • The members of the platform inform, activate and stimulate their network to integrate sustainability in decision-making processes related to the housing chain.
  • The Platform offers a knowledge-platform for members to make the concept of sustainability (related to housing) more transparent;
  • The members of the Platform try to influence the market and government regarding sustainable housing.

The operational objectives are therefore (related to sustainability in the housing chain):


  • To improve knowledge and quality;
  • Adopting common grounds, positions, visions;
  • Integrate knowledge from several different programs (of the Platform members);
  • To be a Platform for the exchange of information between market-parties and the government;
  • The implementation of joint activities.

The following tools of the The Dutch Sustainable Housing Platform are available in English:


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