(26-28.10.2015) in Shanghai, China

The 11th International Conference on Industrial Ventilation (Ventilation 2015) was held on October 26 to 28, 2015 in Shanghai, China. This conference was organized by Tongji University, co-organized by VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) and Tsinghua University. Prof. Xu Zhang chaired this conference. More than 210 participants originated from 15 different countries/regions attended this triennial event to celebrate the 30 years’ anniversary of this international conference series on industrial ventilation. In total 125 papers were peer-reviewed and included in the Proceedings of  this conference.

During the opening ceremony, besides Prof. Goodfellow was awarded for his 30 years’ service to industrial ventilation society. Meanwhile, Prof. Wei Xu and Prof. Xu Zhang from CCHVAC were awarded by Prof. Karel Kabele, President of REHVA, for their outstanding services to the collaboration between REHVA and CCHVAC (see photo 1).

Photo 1. Opening ceremony 26.10.2015: REHVA’s award – REHVA’s Certificate of Merit to: Prof. Wei Xu, President of CCHVAC and Prof. Xu Zhang, Tongji University, Vice president of CCHVAC



The Rehva President, Prof. Karel Kabele, was invited to give keynote speech in the plenary session. The title of his keynote speech was: Ventilation for better IEQ in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (see photo 2).

Photo 2. Keynote speech from the REHVA President Prof. Karel Kabele in the Industrial Ventilation 2015 conference 

During the conference, a SCANVAC workshop was organized entitled: Advanced airflow distribution methods for reduction exposure to indoor pollution. Four presentations were made by Prof. Peter Nielsen from Aalborg University, Prof. Arsen Melikov from DTU, Prof. Risto Kosonen from Aalto University and Prof. Guangyu Cao from NTNU (see photo 3).

Photo 3. SCANVAC workshop: Advanced airflow distribution methods for reduction exposure to indoor pollution 27.10.2015

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