The 51st International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition is to be held online, on December 2–4, 2020.

The whole Congress program will be virtual with sessions organized as follows:

  • session with recorded PP (Power Point) presentations (or presentations recorded in studio),
  • webinar type sessions in real time (only presenters have video and sound),
  • panel type sessions (all participants have video and sound, with moderation).

The main thematics fields that will be addressed are methods, technologies, standards and software for integral design, building comissioning, testing, monitoring and smart usage of energy efficient and resilient healthy new buildings and renewable energy sources integrated in energy rehabilitation of existing urban built environment in order to obtain sustainable, safe, green urban systems adaptable to climate changes resilient not only to weather ecosystems and geological disturbances, but to exposure to riscs of therorism, political instabilities, migrations and immigrations.

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    And for further information visit KGH's website.

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