Yesterday, the Ministers of the EU Member States gathered at the Council to exchange their opinion on the final drafts of the national energy and climate plans (NECPs). One of the main plans was to provide availability of the member states to strengthen their NECPs to provide ambitions levels high enough to meet the EU-wide 2030 targets.

According to the opinion of Katri Kulmuni, Minister for Economic Affairs of Finland and Chair of the Council, many Member States are ready to increase their national ambition to reach collective energy targets for 2030.

On the other side, Ministers also encouraged Council to play an active role in accompanying and monitoring the process of preparing and implementing the NECPs. Therefore, by their opinion, the Council shall have precise role in the framework of the governance tools in implementing Energy Union.

Ministers also exchanged their views towards climate neutrality and pointed out that the key areas to tackle first are research and innovation in carbon-neutral technologies, cooperation among various regions and the need to push for transition while ensuring security of supply and the competitiveness of the European economy.

At the end, the Austrian delegation informed the Council on the hydrogen initiative, which was already mentioned during their Presidency in September 2018. The delegation of Luxembourg informed Ministers on the developments in the modernisation and review of the Energy Charter Treaty. European Commission advised Members about security of gas supply during the upcoming winter 2019-2020 (trilateral talks with Russia and Ukraine on the future of gas transit).

Read more in the minutes here.  

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