The EU negotiators met again yesterday for the final time under the Bulgarian Presidency to give a last attempt to finalise the energy talks on two crucial energy files on the Opens external link in new windowenergy governance and the Opens external link in new windowenergy efficiency

After many rounds of talks and compromises, the final deal on the EED was achieved with an overall EU-wide target of 32,5% by 2030, containing non-binding nature with a 2023 review clause. The deal on the energy union governance regulation agreed to aim for a quick transition towards a net-zero economy, with a carbon budget and national strategies for 2050. Therefore, under the governance agreement, the Commission needs to work on update of 2050 low-carbon energy roadmap until the end of 2018. 

Check out more about the outcome of the Opens external link in new windowEED talks and Opens external link in new windowEnergy governance deals

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