The Technical Brief for the second edition of the Healhty Buildings Design competition is OUT! 

The HBDC25 Organization is calling upon university teams to embrace the challenge of the HBDC25 by registering before October 14, 2024.

The primary objective is to deliver a compelling outcome that prioritizes improved health and energy efficiency. Set against the backdrop of a case study building, namely a primary school located in Milan, Italy, constructed in 1972, teams have the opportunity to innovate within a real-world context. Despite undergoing various inspections and minor interventions over the years, the building remains untouched in terms of energy efficiency and occupant health enhancements.

With a deadline set for February 17, 2025, registered teams will receive a detailed information package on the case study, laying the groundwork for their transformative designs.

A much detailed comprehensive brief will be sent to all registrants

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