Today, the revised Energy Performance in Buildings Directive was published in the Official Journal!

The revised EPBD (EU/2024/1275) will increase the rate of renovation, particularly for the worst-performing buildings in each country. It will also support better air quality, the digitalisation of energy systems for buildings and the roll-out of infrastructure for sustainable mobility.

What is the EPBD Recast bringing? 

- Increased renovation rates are being pursued with a focus on enhancing the performance of the lowest-performing buildings within each respective country. Efforts also prioritize Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and Digitalization to elevate indoor environmental conditions and modernize building energy systems.

- Flexibility tailored to national contexts is emphasized, empowering individual governments to customize renovation strategies according to their unique requirements, considering variations in building stocks, geographic locations, and climates.

- Targeted financing initiatives are being implemented to stimulate investment in the building sector, aiding in the mitigation of energy poverty and providing support for vulnerable consumers.

- Tenant protections are incorporated, encompassing provisions for rent assistance and limitations on rent escalation to safeguard tenants' interests.

- Aligned with the European Green Deal, climate objectives aim to reduce emissions from the building sector by a minimum of 60% by 2030, ultimately striving for climate neutrality by 2050.

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