The European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change has published a new report on the EU road to climate neutrality. 

The Board recommends a series of actions to put the EU on track towards climate neutrality. Some recommendations require immediate action and others should be considered when shaping the EU's post-2030 climate policy framework. Based on an assessment of more than 80 indicators, it found that more efforts are needed across all sectors to achieve the EU climate objectives from 2030 to 2050, and particularly in buildings, transport, agriculture and forestry.

The Advisory Board acknowledges the potential of the Fit for 55 policy package to speed up EU’s decarbonisation, but warns that additional measures are imperative if the EU is to achieve its climate neutrality objective by 2050 at the latest.

With this in mind, the Advisory Board outlines 13 key recommendations for a more effective implementation and design of the EU climate policy framework. This will require action in the coming years, both to effectively implement recently agreed legislation and to start preparations for the post-2030 climate policy framework.

In the report you can also find a section addressing the lack of skilled workforce needed to achieve the neutrality goals (Pag 228).  The transition to net zero will require a profound shift in the structure of the labour force. Ambitious sectoral targets will create new employment opportunities in many sectors, although skills shortages are already acute in the European economy and will deepen if not addressed by tailored policy measures to train and upskill the workforce.

More information on the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change.

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