The phase-down of fluorinated gas (F-Gas) emissions by 98% until 2050 has sparked discussions throughout the RACHP industry as it could become an additional barrier to the market uptake of heat pumps.

The final TRI-HP  project event, that took place on the 7th of February, brought together researchers, industry stakeholders and policy-makers to further discuss the potential and evolutions of heat pumps based on natural refrigerants and if the market will be ready for the phase-down(/out) of HFCs by 2050. Stelios Kympouropoulos, Shadow-Rapporteur (EPP)  from the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament participated in the panel discussion. 

The TRI-HP project worked on innovative heating & cool systems with a high share of renewables and based on heat pumps using natural refrigerants and since in Q1 of 2023 the European Parliament and Council will start the inter-institutional negotiations on the F-Gas Regulation it was a crucial moment to open this discussion. 

The event was divided into two parts: In the first session research experts and industry stakeholders explained what heat pumps based on natural refrigerants are, the application of different refrigerants such as propane or CO2, their market readiness and social barriers of heat pumps in general.

The second session focused on the F-Gas Regulation Revision, the ongoing negotiations and what the opportunities and risks are with a phase-down(/out) of HFCs & HFOs. The session ended with a panel discussion, bringging together policy, industry & research experts that represent different sides for an open debate.

Click here to watch the event's panel discussion.

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