The final event of the TRI-HP project took place on Brussels on the 7th February 2023 and livestreamed through the BUILD UP portal. At the event, the project's findings regarding heat pumps that use natural refrigerants were presented, and the ongoing revision of the F-Gas Regulation was discussed with a particular emphasis on the role of heat pumps. 

Check out the short video made by BUILD UP at the final event to hear from the TRI-HP consortium members what innovations the project has wroked on regarding heat pumps based on natural refrigerants:

TRI-HP is a European Union-funded research project aimed at promoting the use of natural refrigerants in heating and cooling systems, with a particular focus on heat pumps. The project involves a consortium of partners from across Europe, including universities, research institutes, and private companies. The key objectives of the project are to develop new technologies and methods for using natural refrigerants in heat pumps, to conduct laboratory and field tests of these technologies, and to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of natural refrigerant-based heat pump systems in real-world settings. The project also includes efforts to disseminate information and best practices to stakeholders, to promote the adoption of natural refrigerant-based technologies, and to support policy initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the heating and cooling sector.

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