REHVA is a proud partner in the Horizon 2020 funded project TripleA-reno which aims to make deep renovations more Attractive, Acceptable & Affordable. The project has now been nominated as a finalist in the Citizens' Award of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021 edition, which recognises initiatives working on innovative and engaging ways to reinvent Europe's energy landscape.

The TripleA-reno project will end in October 2021 and has developed many innovative and engaging solutions to stimulate deep renovations among building owners. Among the key outcomes is the Combined Labelling Scheme for Dwellings, developed by Zoltan Magyar & Gabor Nemeth (Comford Consulting Ltd), which combines indicators on energy performance, IEQ and well-being for the performance assessment of buildings to raise-awareness among building owners & tenants on the multiple benefits that deep renovations can bring.







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