In a full Honore Ballroom in Palmer House/ Chicago, with even attendees sitting on the ground, REHVA presented its seminar with title: ‘Operation of Energy Efficient Buildings’. Over 120 persons listened to the papers presented by Karel Kabele, president of REHVA and chair of this seminar; Stefano Corgnati and Manuel Gameiro da Silva, the latest two both vice-president of REHVA. As buildings are becoming more complex, including more systems and their respective controls, the objective of this seminar was tp present an updated vision of the best solutions and new ideas to improve energy efficiency considering the interaction with occupants.

Karel Kabele gave an overview, ‘Heating of Energy Efficient Buildings’; followed by the presentation of Stefano Corgnati, ‘Effect of Occupant Behavior in Energy Operation of Buildings’, and the paper of Manuel Gameiro da Silva on ‘Managing Ventilation and Infiltration Rates in NZEBs’. Their presentations are available online.

If the number of questions, raised after the presentations is an indication of success fullness, REHVA did a good job!

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