15 years of reliable European Certification of HVAC&R products

n today’s international context of a growing pressure on climate control and CO2 emissions, certification is more than ever the route forward for product selection and specification. The involvement in energy efficiency control of the European Air Conditioning Industry is clearly demonstrated by the very existence of the voluntary certification programmes established and administrated by Eurovent and its evolution throughout the years.

Comparison of product performance by third party testing based on well-defined procedures ensures healthy, Founded in 1993, Eurovent Certification Company (ECC) is recognized as a world-class leader in the field of industrial third party product performance certification for Heat, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration products (HVAC-R), according to European and international standards.

The Eurovent Certification programmes have in common the verification of manufacturer’s claimed perform-ance by third party testing based upon well-defined procedures compliant to ISO/CEN/CENELEC/ECC or equivalent standards.

Eurovent Certification sets new industry standards in Europe and creates the conditions for a fair competition

Throughout the years, Eurovent Certification has contributed to the definition of common set of criteria for rating products, leveling the competition playing field

  • ACCREDITIA – Italy


  • BELAC – Belgium

  • CIA – Czech Republic

  • COFRAC – France

  • DAkkS – Germany

  • DANAK – Denmark

  • ENAC – Spain

  • FINAS – Finland

  • INAB – Ireland

  • IPAC – Portugal

  • NA – Norway

  • PCS – Poland

  • RvA – The Netherlands

  • SAS – Switzerland

  • SWEDAC – Sweden

  • TURKAK – Turkey

  • UKAS – United Kingdom

with the creation of a common and standardized platform allowing comparisons of product performances on an equal basis.

The increased integrity and accuracy of the industrial performance ratings also provide clear benefits for the end users who can be confident that the product will operate in accordance with design specifications, and predicted energy costs are reliable.

Eurovent certified products get international recognition

As an accredited certifier (certificate #5-0527 Industrial Product Certification), Eurovent Certification’s product

[1] www.european-accreditation.org

[2] www.iaf.nu

performance certificate is recognized with a legal ground in a very large number of countries.

The COFRAC accreditation was granted according to ISO/IEC guide 65:1996 or EN45011:1998. The Scope and Validity can be checked on line at www.cofrac.fr.This accreditation is compliant with the European co-operation of Accreditation [1] (EA) also member of International Accreditation Forum [2] (IAF) with mutual recognition agreement signed by the following countries:

A voluntary certification scheme open to manufacturers and distributors

ECC offers a wide range of certification programmes. Based on a voluntary scheme, the Eurovent certification is open to any manufacturer willing to participate, but also to distributors who can also apply via our Brand Name (BN) scheme.

When a manufacturer participates in a certification programme he is required to present the list of models or model ranges together with their performance data. The files are then evaluated by ECC and a pre-defined number of units is set. Following a random selection, performance testing in the scope of Certification is carried out by independent laboratories under contract with Eurovent Certification, which clearly means no commercial contact between test houses and participants.

New programmes were launched in 2012 including the Rooftops and Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF).

To participate in the following programmes, manufacturers must certify all production models in the scope of the programme (“Certify all” programmes).

All models in the production has to be certified

in the following programmes:

  • Close control air conditioners (CC)

  • Comfort Air Conditioners (AC)

  • Chilled Beams (CB)

  • Fan Coil Units (FCU)

  • Air Filters class M5-F9 (FIL)

  • Heat Exchangers for Refrigeration (HE)

  • Liquid Chilling Packages and Heat Pumps (LCP-HP)

  • Rooftop (RT)

To participate in the following programmes manufacturers may select ranges of products to be certified.

Selected range of models in the production has

to be certified in the following programmes:

  • Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers (AAHE)

  • Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchangers (AARE)

  • Air Handling Units (AHU)

  • Cooling and Heating Coils (COIL)

  • Cooling Towers (CT)

  • Drift eliminators (DE)

  • Refrigerated display cabinets (RDC)

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Third party testing coupled with a stringent certification process can also result in Certification suspension

If a product falls below catalogue performance by more than the specified tolerance in sample testing, the participant will be required to re-rate not only the specific product but also the range from which it was taken. A new performance testing procedure is then carried out. Each participant is only allowed to use this exception process once. If over the years the failure rate is above a defined threshold it will result in a Certification suspension.

Lists of Eurovent certified products and companies are reviewed on a regular basis. Up-to-date data is available in real time and on line at www.eurovent-certification.com or www.certiflash.com.

Eurovent Certified Performance – the mark of confidence

All products certified are listed at Eurovent website.

In addition, certified products display the Eurovent certification symbol that guarantees specifiers that products marketed by a Eurovent certification programme participant have been accurately rated.

Specification sheets, literature and advertising of certified ranges display the Eurovent symbol.


Exciting outlook for the HVAC-R industry with the introduction of the 1st European “One Stop Shop” for Certification in 2013

Eurovent Certification and Certita, leading certification companies in the field of HVAC-R products will be merging their activities in 2013. The intention of the signatories is to develop the proposed certification, in line with the services already provided, with the marks NF, CSTBat and Eurovent Certification, while enlarging the scope of products dealt with and increasingly operating at international level. A full service will be proposed, expected to be better suited to the specific background of each country regarding voluntary certification of performance of HVAC-R products.

The aim of the merge is to back up the development of innovative equipment and to provide useful guidance to users and prescribers. This issue is embedded within the general objectives of decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions and improving the energetic efficiency, in which regard the promotion of product performance plays a key role. The considered merge would provide manufacturers with a single access to get the certification best suiting their marketing needs.

CERTITA is mainly involved in the fields of heating (NF Mark Radiators and NF Mark Heat Pumps), Thermal solar (NF Mark Domestic Solar Heaters, CSTBat Mark Solar devices and Solar Keymark) and ventilation (NF Mark Mechanically controlled ventilation and CSTBat Air inlets.).

Both companies are certification bodies accredited against the EN 45011 reference standard.

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