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On 4 January, Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI), the European statistics office for the HVAC&R market, launched its new annual data collections for 2016 (see box). The aim is to collect sales data from manufacturers in the sector so that we can provide them with a reliable and precise market map for HVAC&R in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).


From January to March 2016, Eurovent Market Intelligence is launching its thirteen annual data collections

·         Liquid chilling packages

·         Fan coil units

·         Air-handling units

·         Rooftop units

·         Cooling towers

·         Air filters

·         IT cooling (formerly precision air conditioners)

·         Heat exchangers

·         Adiabatic coolers

·         Heat recovery systems

·         Pool dehumidifiers

·         Cold beams

·         Residential air handling units


Last year, 289 manufacturers had joined EMI, a new participation record and a 48% increase on the previous year. This year, 350 participants are expected, which promises to provide the most comprehensive and reliable ever overview of the market, and thus become the largest collection of data on the HVAC&R market in terms of number of market players.

One of the major changes last year was the significant improvement in quarterly reports (Market Evolution), which in just around 20 pages also includes qualitative, technical and macro-economic data in addition to the usual market data.

EMI is also aiming to go even further this year, offering customised reports as of March/April. These individual market reports, packed with between 100 and 200 pages, compare market characteristics for each country in the EMEA area (size, segmentation, main players, growth, etc.) and the position of the manufacturer in the market (market share, rank, progress, etc.). The aim is to offer each participant a full overview of his situation so that in a glance he can see his strong points and areas where he needs to improve.

All of the information will also be available – under private access only – on the Eurovent Market Intelligence website. A new marketing tool is currently being developed for this, which should be operational by April 2016 at the latest. This tool will allow users to carry out all possible market analyses in a single click, as simple as using a flight comparison tool, and export the results to an Excel file.

Also new for 2016 is that a new programme will be launched and an old one will be restored, relating to residential air handling units and chilled beams respectively, where representativeness already promises to exceed 80%. The programme for precision air conditioners has been expanded to include all solutions used for cooling IT devices (data centres, telecoms, etc.), in order to better take into account the development of less energy-intensive alternative in this sector.

Last but not least, EMI will launch the dissemination of bilingual English/Arabic market reports looking specifically into the Middle East this year. This expansion comes as a result of the ever-increasing role of EMI in this region, where the construction sector still remains relatively dynamic, where demand for air conditioning is very high. To this end, EMI attended the BIG5 exhibition in Dubai last November, where interest from local manufacturers was particularly high. As usual, EMI will also be attending the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition in Milan, Hall 22 P – Stand F 55, which will be held from 15 to 18 March 2016.

For additional information or to receive these reports: https://www.eurovent-marketintelligence.eu / statistics@eurovent-marketintelligence.eu


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