This article seeks to present an optional cooling tool based on the integration of a Living Wall System (LWS), a fan and a dehumidification process (desiccant) to reduce the use of an HVAC system. This study showed that it is possible to use the evapotranspiration of plants for air-cooling and humidity control.

I n the current world, people spend on average 80%- 90% of their time indoors; consequently, the risks to health may be greater due to indoor air pollution than to outdoor air pollution. Doctors around the world face lots of complains about the fact that people feel sick because of the misuse of air conditioning system within their offices and they pay very expensive bills every year, so they can work in a “comfortable place”. In many cities across the world, the air-conditioning system has become an essential instrument to achieve indoor comfort within most of the buildings. Thus, it is important that engineers, designers, manufactures and all the professionals involved in keeping a good the indoor environment explore new alternatives to improve the current systems since there is an increasing energy requirement for cooling and air-conditioning of buildings in cities, rising indirectly, the urban heat island (UHI) and climate change. Nowadays, Living Wall Systems (LWS) are an emerging technology that utilize the potentials of plants in living environments, regarding the fact that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems within nature (Figure 1). Using plants as design elements in working environments brings nature inside to create warm and inviting spaces that reduces stress, oxygenate the air, and increases your overall well-being, resulting in healthier work and living areas that decrease absenteeism, increase productivity and overall satisfaction and happiness in people’s lives

Tatiana Armijos Moya, Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Marc Ottelé and Philomena M. BluyssenPages 27 - 31

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