Sofia Bazzano
EU Project & Financial Officer, REHVA
Alfonso Capozzoli
Associate Professor Department of Energy (DENERG), Politecnico di Torino
Mohsen Sharifi
Researcher, VITO
Cristian Pozza
MODERATE Coordinator & Senior Researcher, EURAC Research


MODERATE is a Horizon Europe-funded project that started in June 2022. It aims to develop a marketplace platform that improves availability and interoperability between datasets for the building industry, leveraging open data and open-source solutions. The objective is to promote data exchange between different producers and consumers while complying with legal and ethical constraints. The project innovates data collection, data synthesis, and data-driven services for building system management, building asset optimization, and informed decision-making.

The project workshop entitled "Enabling Sustainable Building Performance: Data Exchange Innovations by MODERATE Project" was held on 14th November 2023 during the Policy Conference of REHVA Brussels Summit at the Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, Brussels. The workshop was designed to explore the pivotal role of data exchange in achieving sustainable building performance.

In an era marked by growing environmental concerns and energy efficiency demands, this workshop focused on key objectives critical to advancing the field:

Understanding EPBD Article 14: Gain insights into the significance of data exchange as outlined in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) Article 14. Explore how this directive can be leveraged to drive sustainability in building operations.

MODERATE Models Unveiled: Discover cutting-edge models developed by the MODERATE Project, designed to harness data for optimizing building performance. Explore their capabilities and applications.

Expert Insights and Best Practices: Engage with industry thought EPB experts, leaders and practitioners to delve into best practices for sustainable building data exchange. Learn from real-world case studies and explore the potential challenges and opportunities in this domain.

Data-Driven Sustainability: Examine the practical implications of data-driven insights in achieving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability goals within buildings.

The session opened with a presentation by Sofia Bazzano, EU Projects & Financial Officer at REHVA, who commenced the workshop with a comprehensive introduction to the MODERATE project, shedding light on its fundamental goals and the rationale behind its initiation.

Afterward, the session continued with a Keynote: EPBD RECAST (Article 14 Data Exchange & Links to Other Articles). Mrs. Elina Hautakangas, Policy Officer from Unit A1, Policy & Coordination at DG ENER, delivered a keynote address focusing on the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). She specifically delved into the new provisions in EPBD proposal related to Data (Article 14: Data Exchange) as well as the new provisions in EPBD proposal related to Data (Article 19: Databases for Energy Performance of Buildings). A key takeaway from the presentation was the emphasis on moving forward with the EU BSO (Building Stock Observatory) as well as the need for reliable and harmonized data from trustable sources.

Mr. Mohsen Sharifi, researcher from VITO, took the stage to present the MODERATE project's data-driven models, services, and various use cases. His presentation delved into the innovative approaches and methodologies employed in the project, showcasing the potential impact on enhancing building energy efficiency. Mr. Mohsen Sharifi's presentation on the MODERATE Data-Driven Models, Services & Use Cases showcased the project's commitment to overcoming challenges in data exchange. By addressing privacy concerns through synthetic data generation and providing a marketplace for data analytics, MODERATE emerges as a pioneering initiative facilitating the realization of data-driven techniques in a privacy-conscious and collaborative environment.

A dynamic round table discussion followed, moderated by Alfonso Capozzoli, Associate Professor at DENERG, PoliTO. The panel included esteemed experts in the field of Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB), such as Jaap Hogeling (EPB.Center), Jana Bendzalova (ENBEE), Damir Dovic (University of Zagreb), Razvan Calota (Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest), Tomasz Cholewa (Lublin University of Technology, PZITS), and Vlasta Zanki (Croatia Green Building Council). The discourse centered around current challenges, best practices, and the future trajectory of EPB standards.

The workshop concluded with an engaging Q&A session. Attendees had the opportunity to pose questions and seek clarifications on various aspects of the MODERATE project, EPBD recast, and the insights shared during the round table discussion. The session provided a platform for fruitful interactions between the participants and the experts, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The MODERATE workshop at the REHVA Brussels Summit proved to be a valuable platform for exchanging ideas, sharing expertise, and advancing the discourse on data-driven models for building energy performance. The event reached around 50 participants and successfully brought together key stakeholders and policymakers fostering collaboration and laying the groundwork for future advancements in the field.


This Article has been prepared under the MODERATE project which has been funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe innovation program under Grant Agreement No. 101069834. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or CINEA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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