REHVA Journal – August 2012


Participants of the REHVA General Assembly in Timisoara, Romania.


On the occasion of the Annual Meeting 2012, the following members of REHVA national associations received a REHVA Award: Prof. Dr. Eng. Adrian Retezan and Acad. Prof. Dr.Eng. LiviuDumitrescu (AIIR/AGFR – Romania) were recognized for their outstanding achievements in science and for their contributions to improve energy efficiency and the indoor environment of buildings.

Dr. LaureItard (TVVL – The Netherlands) received on the occasion of the General Assembly of TVVL a REHVA Professional Award as well. Francesco Causone (AiCARR – Italy) received a REHVA Young Scientist Award during the National Conference of AiCARR in Padua on June 7.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Adrian Retezan(left) and REHVA President Michael Schmidt.


Acad. Prof. Dr. Eng. LiviuDumitrescu (left) and REHVA President Michael Schmidt.



Dr. LaureItard. (on the right) and REHVA Secretary General Jan Aufderheijde.


Mr. Francesco Causone and President of AiCARR Mr. MicheleVio.


A REHVA Gold Medal Award, the highest REHVA recognition, was handed by REHVA President Michael Schmidt to Prof. Olli Seppänen in recognition of his outstanding services to REHVA and for his excellent contributions to science and engineering in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

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