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Building and ductwork airtightness: a critical factor for nearly zero-energy buildings

François Rémi Carrié and Peter Wouters
Page 05

Summary of the AIVC-TightVent conference 2012

Per Heiselberg, Willem de Gids, and Arnold Janssens
Pages 06 - 13

Industry visions on R&D for better buildings in the future

Olli Seppänen
Pages 14 - 16

Proper building preparation for envelope airtightness testing

Christophe Delmotte
Pages 17 - 19

Performing intermediate checks and early-stage testing of airtightness

Tormod Aurlien
Pages 20 - 22

Research into the effect of improving airtightness in a typical UK dwelling

Rob Coxon
Pages 24 - 27

Swedish experience with air tight ductwork

Johnny Andersson
Pages 28 - 32

Ductwork airtightness requirements in Portugal

Eduardo Maldonado and Fernando Brito
Pages 33 - 35

Evaluation of air leakage and its influence on thermal demands of office buildings in Madrid

Jordi Pascual, Oscar Cámara, Aleksandar Ivancic, Damien Tavan and Maria Casanova
Pages 36 - 40

Energy efficiency strategy at the portfolio of a property owner

Yona Kamelgarn and Frank Hovorka
Pages 41 - 46

A new innovative Ground Heat Exchanger for heating, cooling and energy storage

John Ljungqvist, Thomas Vogel and Lars Nielsen
Pages 47 - 49

Improved energy efficiency of air cooled chillers

Maurizio Burba
Pages 50 - 53

Eco design of energy related products – time for industry to wake up

Jorma Railio
Pages 54 - 55

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